This is a free world.

Welcome to Never Dig Down!

The server is running 1.8.1

When you go to the Multiplayer menu, within the game, and click on Add Server..   This is what you need to put in the 'address' field...

And then you should be able to connect to the world within!

The server is ONLY running between 12pm (Lunchtime) until 3am (Bedtime) everyday.


The server is survival vanilla style, without any game modifying additions, silly or otherwise or any in-game admins or ops.

There is only one rule.  No hacking.  Because people can abuse this.

What can you do in this world, then?

You may wish to
build a giant 100m high skull with lava flowing out of its eye sockets and live in it.  

Or gather together a tribe of other people and build a town.  Or partipicate in a megabuild.

Build a massive square borg-cube that annihilates hundreds of innocent monsters each day in an inhumane manner, just to supply you with their by-products.

Construct a TNT cannon that shoots explosive blocks of tnt that wreck the landscape.  (Or that bigger castle across the valley)

Explore a world that has 7000 times the surface area that Earth does.   (Shackleton eat your heart out!)

Or maybe you wish to travel to other dimensions and slay dragons.

Breed an army of ferocious attack wolves and roam the countryside, taking down anything that moves.

Or build a railway that spans continents, over rivers, under mountains and across thousands of kilometres.  And you don't need an army of  slaves for this!

Or swear.  Steal.   Grief.  Murder.  Pour lava on other people.

This is fine.
 You can do anything.

But, please do try to be nice.

Seriously though, we're a nice bunch on here.    

See, check out this happy snapshot of a couple of us playing  
with some arrows we had found.  
fun photo


Important Information :

Server has been transferred to a new owner and new host with no problems!

If the server is down, Write a message down below. It will get to me through e-mail.
So I can get on top of the issue quickly. Have fun!

If you have any questions or requests - leave a message below!

The server runs the latest Minecraft version. Which is currently 1.8.1.

You can download it from from Mojang's official Minecraft website...

tutorial link


n0 fu<k1ng h4ck1ng


Quack says...
Exp farm near town

MagicMus says...
I am back on guys just noticed the server is up again YAY! i made a shack not far from spawn. Hopfully i will get to see a few of you on!
Quack says...
I made a botanical garden with a sewer exit/entrance thing...
O says...
Website was down briefly. Is up now. Apologies for inconvenience.
Daz says...
Rest In Peace Digga_Boy. Gone, but also forgotten.
Diggs says...
Stuck in spawn, button doesn't work, keep hole open always as failsafe?
Diggs says...
What happened there.Huh
stubbi says...
Was it cos digga's exploring? ETA of coming back up? I was FARMING!
Tears says...
NDD v2 server is currently down
don't lynch pls
donki says...
i cri evrytim
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